Welcome to Brave Introvert! My name is Christy McDonald. I am married to Andy who pastors Redeemer Church in Norman, OK. We planted the church in 2010, the same month we adopted our youngest. To say it was a leap of faith is an understatement. We have loved watching our now seven person family grow through childbirth and adoption. We have two children from Haiti and now Haiti feels like home. I think of Haiti almost daily. Our youngest son has been a game changer. He is the source of many stories and prayers. I work part time as an RN and try to keep the plates spinning the rest of the week. I love contemplating the Word and encouraging other Christians. I hope to use my life in every aspect to be an aroma of Christ to those around me. Here’s how my writing is doing that:

This Blog

For a snapshot of my ministry be sure to read my blog posts below:

Brave Introvert

Teach What is Good

Weaker Vessel

Church Plant-heory

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My Writing

I have contributed to a beautiful women’s publication¬†Dearly Magazine.

I would love to help give your platform a voice, including

Blogging service

Newsletter Writing

Guest Blogging service

Articles for Magazines

Website content creation

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Join Me

I would love to contribute to your efforts to love others and love the Lord. Join me as we marvel at Amazing Grace

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