Are you living for football, a funeral or forever?

Motives are very important.  I can do the exact same action for different reasons.  For instance, I love football and have watched hundreds of games. Every one of my children have had to learn the hard way, after being scared to death, that Mommy yells loudly during OU games. I have watched football for the…

How to step out of the way for your children to do ministry

So how can we let our children practice ministry so that they are prepared to Do ministry on their own? We need to get out of the way after letting them Watch. We need to let them dream and listen to God. Of course you can direct them but let them own their own ministry.

Church plant-heory

I am expected to give grace to everyone but am given very little grace in return.

Weaker Vessel

I HATE the phrase “weaker vessel” in the Bible when describing women. I know men in general are stronger….blah, blah, blah. But how much more negative can we get? I looked up the word weaker and it shockingly means weak. That’s it, just weak. Ok, so I looked up vessel and it is a container….

No more orphanages

So instead of funding orphanages, Christians should fund daycares and churches all over the world.


….ADHD as a made up diagnosis for parents of boys who didn’t know how to discipline.

Brave Introvert

I am not awkward or shy. But half an hour into a party I am looking for an escape because I am exhausted.