Brave Introvert

I have always had a hard time describing my personality.  When I hear descriptions of an introvert I feel solidarity, but yet I can navigate social situations well.  What does this mean?  I have often heard speakers describe themselves as introverts and this is confusing to me.  How can that be?  You stand up in front of hundreds of people and don’t have a cold sweat or trouble breathing like me.  But then they describe how they are drained by small talk.  This must be the key.  I don’t have the talent of public speaking, but I can carry a conversation with a stranger.  I am not awkward or shy.  But half an hour into a party I am looking for an escape because I am exhausted.  I often use my children for an excuse to leave the room or conversation.  This is not the case when speaking to my friends.  I can talk for hours if it isn’t forced.

As I was trying to find a term for myself I finally settled on Brave Introvert.  I force myself into social situations that I don’t enjoy or find energy from…unlike my husband.  He loves to bounce ideas off of people and discuss random topics just to hear other people’s opinions.  This makes him the perfect pastor.  I on the other hand am a pastor’s wife.  A church planting wife of all things which means that we started out small and everyone knew me personally.  But I have made it through because again, I am a Brave introvert.  So I actually pushed my husband to church plant.  I was not dragged in kicking and screaming.  But I do have to make time for myself to recharge so that I can go back out and do what God has called us to.

I am a fan of personality tests, but not so you can say “I am just this way, so I can’t do (fill in the black).”  Find what helps you and use them.  Do things you are not good at because God loves to use imperfect people to point to himself.  Obviously do what God has called you to, but what God has called you to might be hard.

I am glad I know that I am a Brave Introvert.  It helps me understand how I react to things.  But I am also glad God asks me to do things that are hard for me, to remind me that he is the source of my strength.  To God be the Glory

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